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Ruddy TONI, 2018.

Passionate about art and technology, Ruddy Toni has more than 8 years of professional experience in fashion, marketing and the cultural sector. Drawer since the age of 6, Ruddy holds a bachelor’s degree in advertising creation (ESA St-Luc Brussels), a master’s degree in cultural management (ULB) and a master’s degree in museology (University of Montreal). He founded in Liège the art gallery «La Superette» (current «SUPERVUE») whose main activity is the organization of evenings, festivals, debates, exhibitions, concerts and which offers artistic installations for all types of events, such as the Ardentes, Dour Festival or Art Truc Troc (BOZAR).

In Brussels, he worked for a year in the advertising agency FAMOUS as a creative on TV spots, bus shelters and brands for Jupiler, Diekirch, William Lawson, Gaia, Post-it, Neckermann and many others. His expertise includes design, fashion, image analysis, events and cultural diplomacy.

Montreal, 2015. An idea was born: DATA CLOTHING. From L.A. to Hong-Kong. From Paris to Kinshasa: Together we shine in TONI CAPTAIN®. For any occasion, event or lifestyle.

Ruddy has mixed his long-standing passion for technology and design, to present contemporary clothing as a universal communication medium.
In 2016, he worked for UN Nation, as well as for private sector across Belgium as artistic director and in 2017, he officially launched his clothing and eco-design brand: TONI CAPTAIN.

Based in Brussels, the brand supports local manufacturing to minimize the supply chain and the environmental impact we have as a company on the planet. TONI CAPTAIN’s ambition is to become 100% local and to continue to design refreshing and useful looks for connected world citizens. Belgian with Congolese origin (DRC), Ruddy lives in Brussels where he spends his free time skateboarding, inventing technologies and giving computer lessons to newcomers and people in difficulty.

Ruddy TONI | alias TONI CAPTAIN |

Founder | Art director | Designer