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Before expressing your wishes, and before we make a custom quote, it’s important to know what positions are possible on garments.

  1. For instance, on the front and back of a T-shirt we can only print on a surface of 20 x 30cm.
  2. It is possible to print to the edge of the seams, on buttons or too close to the neckline, but the seams remain visible.

Whether flocking or transfer, there are several “classic” slots for t-shirt printing:

  • Face
  • Back
  • Claw-neck
  • Sleeves
  • Heart & anti-heart

Below you can see in detail for what positions and sizes we can guarantee quality printing.

To define the ideal printing area on your t-shirts, consider the size of your personalization, but also the purpose for which the garment is intended and especially the end result you want.

Our team is at your disposal for more details or for advice tailored to your expectations.


The basic technique of flocking is to screen the garment with glue. Then this glue is dusted electrostatically with fine colored textile fibers (the flock). The surplus of fibers being sucked, the garment is then passed through a drying tunnel. This technique gives the print a touch and a velvet appearance.

Currently, the flocking technique most commonly used is much simpler. It consists of the hot application and high pressure of a thin film of heat-resistant PVC or polyurethane very flexible cut beforehand with a plotter (digital cutter).

The surplus of the film not to be printed on the garment is removed manually (stripping). For this we need 3 indispensable tools: the computer, the cutting plotter and the hot press.

Flocking or flex?

The flex is very thin and has a smooth and soft touch. It can have different aspect: matte, shiny, glittery, reflective, swelling, pre-printed in the factory with various patterns (zebra, camouflage, stripes, …), metallic effect, mirror, photoluminescent,… The flock is thicker and has a velvet touch. It gives T-shirts a vintage look and combines well with sweatshirts.

For printing multiple colors, we recommend the digital flex / flock.

Ecological printing | Water base: SOON.


1 | CHOOSE AN IMAGE – Ours or yours.


2 | SELECT ONE OF OUR SUPPORT IN 100% organic cotton (GOTS) or your own textile support.

3 | and WE MAKE IT DIRECTLY to a high temperature and high pressure press.

Flex transferThe flex transfer is particularly suitable if you want a single-color textile printing in small quantities. However, it is possible to print multiple colors.













The contours of your text, visual or simple logo are first cut out of flex film.

The excess material is then removed from the flex film and your personalization is pressed at high temperature on your fabric or on our GOTS catalog the textile support.

Result | One color (White).

  • Printing images and visuals with many colors
  • Possibility of printing on polyester without migration of colors
  • Personalization of clothes to the piece (birthdays, events, etc.)
  • Friendly price
  • Print in a nice studio in downtown, Brussels.




Your logo represents the identity of your company, association or club.

It also expresses your way of feeling, your difference, your personality while showing your values.

The printing of your logo on different textile supports allows your staff, members or friends to represent your brand.

Whether you are manager for a company, an association or a sports team:

  • Sportswear: outfits for professional or amateur sportsmen, sports teams (children, adults or companies), clubs, schools
  • Workwear in hospital, kitchen, showroom,reception, salesbusiness, maintenance staff, etc.
  • Uniforms of students and students: schools, colleges, universities and many more.
  • Combinations of drivers and technical team, marked with the logo of your sponsors and the car brand with which you ride.

Premium quality printing

Ecological fabric (or your garnements) and customization techniques in 3 phases |


Your advertising on textiles in Brussels

In our new Brussels studio, enjoy a printing service by flocking your logo:

  • Choose from several references in our catalog 100% eco-friendly cotton made customize your t-shirts, polos, sweatshirts, shirts, outdoor clothing, sports suits or work in the workshop, caps, sports bags or linens
  • Choice of technique with professional advice
  • Lowest print price on the market: batch printing for even better price
  • Respect of deadlines


Need a premium printing on your textile support or on an original and ecological fabric? Need small quantities?

So contact us and ask now for your free quote.